Sunday, November 21, 2010

Crafty Blog Update 14th-20th November 2010

Hello and welcome to the weekly blog update.  If you know of anyone who should be included please inform us, if you want to be removed from this update please feel free to tell us too, we will try to update details as quick as possible.

Akka Design plays with smoking paper

An evening wasted with cooks and has needle trouble; reads some more Gutenberg books and has a frustrating day

An Snag Breac Beo puts a lid on it and talks about ceramics and light

Anula's Kitchen bakes a souffle and makes plum and chocolate marmalade

Basil Explosion revamps her blog and works on getting a bulky scarf right

Cattapilla Dreaming gets some new books and takes some photographs of some confused flowers

Celtic Memory Yarns visits her publisher and talks about trees

Chebe works on her temperature sensing scarf; has some advice on measuring yourself for a sewing pattern and has an update on ongoing projects

Clasheen works on Vanda Roberts felt bag workshop and concludes it

Crafty Alley talks about some paper kits

Dispatches from the Deise has some typo fun

Dragon Days captures a sunny day in Donegal

Droim an Uan winds up some handspun laceweight

Etsy Ireland has their Crafty News Desk; welcomes some new members; announces the latest Treasury Challenge Winner; continues the wedding gift series and offers a fab five on Friday

Fly Along photographs her Pi Shawl

Irish Muses finishes a quilt and finds the horse she was wondering about; finds that he has a friend; plans a camping trip and gets cute scissors; links to a AccuQuilt Go giveaway and a fabric giveaway

Kersti blogs about visiting Glasgow and shows off a broomstick lace cuff

Knit Inc blogs about holiday socks; gets a surprise package and reviews the yarn shops she visited during her visit to the US

Knitting Neels photographs her Drops Cardigan; a Hap Shawl and her finished Stilwell

L Hogan announces that she's reopening her etsy shop

Laura Eliason announces that her shop is going into hibernation

Let's Knit and Stitch thank all the people who got involved in the Operation New Life; show more of the knit crib and finally finish the knit crib

Limerick Live (in german) wonders about her role in her son's life and is frustrated

Little Hare is finding it hard going

Margie Crafts shows off an arbour and has a visitor

Miss Aine features in a team treasury; second treasury feature; and a third one and after finishing some patterns gets instructions about her next project

Mitt liv på Irland has a match called off and sports takes over her life

Morg Today links to the new Nissan Juke UK Advert

NicKnits discovers crafting Mama

Playing with Fi(b)re celebrates her wheel's first birthday and thinks about hibernation

Rubysasha blogs about a shawl/blanket and some booties

She Knit up that Ball makes a flat-pack and makes a card for a new home

Starving Artist Ink talks about birth about keeping it real (has breastfeeding photo); completed one of her goals; has a baby video; starts a picture a day with a baby photo; photo two; photo 3; lists must-haves for a breast-feeding mama; photo 4 and talks about post-partum body

StitchLily plans a textile event for the Pan Celtic Festival next year and calls for a return to paper chains this Christmas

Stolen Stitches talks about her new pattern in the Twist Collective Parcel

String Revolution has a free offer to encourage customers

The Bohomama is having a recurring headache

The Misadventures of Gaietygirl lacks enough time in the week

The Nest's kids play with stories; shows a new mixed media project and something that didn't work as planned and tea light holder tutorial

Things that strike me talks about a concert; talks about Dora and Marten breaking up on Questionable Content; talks about Beatles on iTunes and Wednesday Evening Television

This i Knit has some photographs from the Knitting & Stitching show

TurtleKnits links to a video of a local band

Undermeoxter talks about the art of gentle concealment

Wyvernfriendknits reviews Tweed and Close Knit Family

Yarn Classes makes a neck cowl and plans to release the pattern and makes cabled mittens

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