Sunday, March 13, 2011

Crafty Blog Update 6th-12th March

I would like to welcome any new readers, and thank old ones for visiting, we’re not that old and we hope to continue to do this as time allows.
If you know of any blogs that should be included please contact us by email or a post on this or the Irish Knitting, Crochet and crafty blogging post. The same goes if you want to be removed. If you are included in our updates please mention if you want to be removed from there too. Please note that neither I or SineadR do this as a full-time job, and allied to that our jobs actually restrict our webtime. We will do our best to get stuff done as soon as possible but that may take a few days or hours. In order to optimise my trawling I have set up a Netvibes Page for the blogs this is not foolproof and I may miss updates but it’s been better than some of the other options.  I have also decided that if a blog posts more than about 10 or so posts in a week I’m just going to link to the site, unless something in particular catches my eye that’s very craft related.
You may notice that some posts from Sundays have been repeated, this is if there is time-sensitive information included in them, this does sometimes lead to repeated links from the previous week.

If you've come here on foot of the Washington Press Article welcome!

Our heart go out locally to Elana of Knit Wasabi and her family who have had a week of hell, and to the folks in Japan.

2Knit or not 2 Knit shares a PolEtsy treasury; announces the close of her competition; does the draw and teases about the result; announces the result and sells her handspun through Pippa Blue

Akka Designs has some photographs about the Winter that Never Was

An Apology for an Idler makes an iPhone Cozy; has some thoughts about Ash Wednesday and about Nature being Majestic

An Evening Wasted with does a Census Meme

An Snag Breac Beo plays with some handkerchiefs and embroidery

Anula's Kitchen makes some Beer Braised Pork Knuckles

As the World Falls Down is Home; is busy and hates to grovel

Basil Explosion has mostly been reading

BeckyDazzler is featured in The Gloss

Cattaphilla Dreaming has a bit of a rant; shares springtime colour; celebrates Women's Day and talks about her Greenhouse

Chebe is swamped but has some sewing links

Clasheen has American Workshop updates, book news and pictures; more news about a workshop and sheep sheering championships and finds a way to avoid sewing

Colour and Ink makes a monster card and links to a blog hop; paperplays with shades of green; talks about making your own happiness

Dispatches from the Deise discusses The Reader by Bernhard Schlink and attends a Labour Special Delegate Conference in Dublin

Dragon days plays with a light

Droim an Uan shows off some unblocked handspun self-designed items

Dublin Knit Collective highlights a new knit meetup

Duilleoga is happy that Spring is here

Etsy Ireland has their Crafty News Desk; welcomes new members; shares a skinny latte treasury; talks about selling on Etsy; has an urgent call to team members and has a fab five on Friday

From Sheep to Shawl attends an International Women's Conference conference in UL (University of Limerick) and has a knitting class there

Green Waves remembers winter and talks about friends

Half a Dream Away photographs blossoms; a plane and yarn and needles

Handmaiden of Adonai does a few days snapshot

Haz wool will Knit talks about Crochet-a-long chaos

Herborium paints Nasturtiums and thinks of Summer

Irish Muses wins some prizes and get an embosser; updates on projects and gets a surprise in the mail

Kay B's finishes her skirt

Kersti shares her tweet week

Knit Inc has a panic about a deadline

Knitting Neels visits London, finishes a shawl and mitts and gets some loot

Lets Knit & Stitch gets more from Rico Can Can and congratulates some of their Crochet Class

Limerick Live visits a chiropractor; talks about Lent

Margie Crafts works on a cardigan

Milkmoon feels something in the air

Miss Aine makes a Spring Fairy; kid does some photographs; makes a sock monkey and a Poppy Fairy

Morg Today wishes those in Japan well and listens to Chopin

Needles and Haystacks makes a birthday shirt and cake

Neencrochet  goes to a 21st Birthday Party

The Nest has a prayer for Japan

NicKnits highlights the St Patricks Day competition and gets confused by numbers

Pippablue announce some of their March & April workshops

The Runcible Spoon shares a cross atlantic chilli and cornbread recipe

She Knit up that Ball does some in-stashing; gets some tea cups and announces the winner of her Fair Trade Competition

The Siegel Six has several update

Springwools celebrates Women's Day

Stitchlily reviews the Cork Textiles Network Conference

Stuff and nonsense participates in the Bantam Beats micro fiction

This and That talks about when women didn't work

This is knit talks about tea and pancakes and local colour

Thread Bear's Picnic's Happy Monday has sleeves and talks about hands

Up to my Lack of Tonsils talks about World Book Day; talks about writing scared, sick and tired and does a Ladybird Collage

Wire Wrapped Jewelry makes a dark blue pendant; has some new gothic hearts; makes a huge agate pendant; has cthulhus that need good homes; fantasy inspired double-sided pendant; an agate teardrop and has tips for photographing jewelry

Woolly Way of Ireland highlights the Derryaun Crafts Workshop Calendar; Stitch sisters in Airfield; a fish exchange; upcoming workshops with Textile Workshop Dublin; story of Irish Lace in Dingle

Woolly Winged Gathering talks about timeless stitching

Wyvernfriendknits talks about project ideas

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