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Crafty Blog Update 22nd May - 11th June

I would like to welcome any new readers, and thank old ones for visiting, we’re not that old and we hope to continue to do this as time allows. If you know of any blogs that should be included please contact us by email or a post on this or the Irish Knitting, Crochet and crafty blogging post. The same goes if you want to be removed. If you are included in our updates please mention if you want to be removed from there too. Please note that neither I or SineadR do this as a full-time job, and allied to that our jobs actually restrict our webtime. We will do our best to get stuff done as soon as possible but that may take a few days or hours. In order to optimise my trawling I have set up a Netvibes Page for the blogs this is not foolproof and I may miss updates but it’s been better than some of the other options.  I have also decided that if a blog posts more than about 10 or so posts in a week I’m just going to link to the site, unless something in particular catches my eye that’s very craft related. You may notice that some posts from Sundays have been repeated, this is if there is time-sensitive information included in them, this does sometimes lead to repeated links from the previous week. From this week for the foreseeable future I'm going to do this fortnightly.  It's consuming too much time that Summer is suggesting I should spend outdoors in our garden!

As I was surfing recently I came across a new Irish Online Crafting Magazine

2 Knit or Not 2 Knit shares a poem and talks about Polish Sheep

The 40 Plus Teenager celebrates a New Year

An Apology for an Idlerfinishes exams and a few pieces; has some grumbles; finishes a jumper and a pair of gloves; and reviews X:Men First Class

An Evening Wasted With lists May's Read books

Ankonymous captures German Romance

An Snag Breac Beo talks about Ovine, equine, cervine; announces an exhibit; has the opening and announces a peg loom workshop

Aran Brew makes a lace Flower; does some gardening and makes some Elderflower cordial

As the World Falls Down finishes college; shares a video; decides to assert herself; has writer's block; is feeling restless; talks about work; finds issue with a blog; feels alone; has tea; gets a job; spends a long time on busses and goes out

Basil Exposition reviews Through the Language Glass; makes Spiced Date and Orange Squares; reviews How to Live a Life of Montaigne; makes Chocolate Biscuit Cake; discusses that week's links; visits London; Robin Hitchcock plays Clear Spot at Relentless Garage; talks about the Quiet American and Meltdown 2011

Beckydazzler takes part in the NCAD show; returns to basics; returns to layers and borrows a sequined jacket

Bola de Berlin asks if May is nearly over; talks about friends in Ireland; visits London; celebrates a festival

Cattapilla Design talks about art for arts sake; takes part in a scavenger hunt; has some visitors; photographs some flowers and Bere Island foxgloves

C B Lindsay talks about fellow northern Irish Writer Maddie Stewart

Chebe writes an ap for her music player; works on her dress; learns more about CSS and S2; backs up LJ Scrapbook Pics; prepares for sewing

Chocolattebuttons makes a crochet dress and her family shares some Ice-Cream

Clasheen shares some workshop photographs; moves on with the workshops; has a workshop in Lexinton; has a fun time in KY; arrives home without her luggage; has a hectic life; has a bereavement; shares more photographs and ramps up preparations for the Horst Workshop

Clones Lace announces some workshops

Colour and Ink wishes a happy birthday to her son; makes some Butterfly Cards; makes a floral card; makes a card set; makes a teacher appreciation card; is published in Magazine; makes a hydrangea card; things to do in Cork City over a weekend; Good Luck Day 1; Good Luck Day 2; Waltzingmouse Case Competition; Good Luck Day 3; paperplay father's Day/Man Card and Paper Crafts Magazine Gallery Idol 2011

Constant Knitter makes an Echo Beach Stole; shares a knitting video; a new way of yarn cake making; gets in some blocking wires and talks about a program on RTE about knitting

Darling Wolf Moon makes a food oath; shares a bird cock; paints ladybird nails; talks metamorphosis and captures catepillars

Dispatches from the Deise sees Clapton in Concert and spotlights one of the citizens of Lismore;

Doogarry's Blog reclaims her knitting mojo; learns how to use blocking wires; welding meets Lace; changes her mind about what yarn to go with a project and finishes two more shawls

DragonDays photographs summer footwear; a reflector and a bathroom window

Droim an Uain makes two woven cushion fronts; weaves a third cushion front; photographs her Heleanthum; finishes the third cushion and has a dye day with Kathleen McCormick

Dublin Knit Collective talks about an active June and counts down to the WWKIP day

Duilleoga plays with photographs and photographs 2011 Lillies

Etsy Ireland have a crafty update; welcomes new members; talks about names; fab five on Friday; crafty news desk; welcomes new members; looks for articles; fab five on Friday; crafty news desk has a delay; welcomes new members; talk about a tea and chat; Crafty news Desk; talks about Bloomsday in Costume and Fab Five on Friday

Feanor Crafts makes some things from felt off-cuts and announces a sale

Felting my Way Across Kerry talks about an endless to-do list

Fly Along launches her Winter Thaw pattern

Froggy's Craft starts a swap; shares a new tattoo; finishes Eeyore; stitches vintage cross stitch and gets some projects framed

From Sheep to Shawl has a visit from some Parisian Upcycling Designers and a closer photograph

Green Waves shares holiday photographs; peace and other things; feels warm; talks about recent life; photographs the sea and is grateful

Half a Dream Away photographs distinctive trees; a graveyard; hens; the Bloom Festival; a red maple; one of the gardens and a red cloak

Handcrafted by Lily Smuul works on Kelmscott

Haz Wool Will Knit talks about a taste of Sardinia; gets some charity shop items; shares a literary knitter for June; makes some Elderflower Cordial and makes some petticoats

Herborium paints a Rose in IMMA

Irish Muses talks about Obama and embroidery; shares her latest quilt finish; has some comments problems; talks about a seafood in Dunfanaghy; selects a June Star; has some artistic inspiration; has some doggy news and is back from Dublin and has some dog pictures

Julle's World is happy with her son's progress and visits London

Kay B gets rid of some excess stash

Kersti shares her tweet week; and another week; a tatting pattern and another tweet week

Knit Inc finishes her granny square blanket; grows some plants; reviews Vogue Knitting Early Fall and talks about the World Wide Knit in Public Day

Knitting Neels is busy and gets ready for projects and gets some done and does some summer sewing

Laura Eliason talks about organising

Lets Knit & Stitch shares more from Vogue Knitting; Lauren's Can Can Bag and summer crochet workshops

Limerick Live makes some Eton Mess; after VIP visits there's Very Important Mug; her son has a not-so happy day; has a happy day; brings the cup for a trip and encounters uncertainty

Little Hare starts an Ascension Novena; continues with it; talks about lego building; had blue skies for a while; photographs a catepillar; waters plants; shares the Pope talking to Astronauts; there's some messy fun

Margie's Crafts photographs flowers in bloom

Michelle Made This has some floral loveliness; talks about a new magazine; talks about CD or Downloads; makes scones and cherry cup cakes and talks about doing

Milkmoon wonders if she missed anything

Miss Aine has a competition; another giveaway; announces the winnners; makes a cabled flying baby helmet; makes a pretty waistcoat; makes a pebble vest; sews a nursing dress and makes her first crocheted toy

Mitt liv på Irland, My life in Ireland was proud to be Irish; hopes Summer is coming and had 48 hours of Summer

Morgtoday has a birthday Dinner in Scotty's Steak House; listens to a lot of music; reads the Martian Chronicles and hopes to post more regularly

Ms Walsh gets a new baking gadget

Needles and Haystacks celebrates the third birthday of her twins; talks about changing relationships and celebrates her son's seventh birthday

Neencrochet talks about being 16 and now; wishes her husband a happy Birthday and photographs her week

The Nest has not enough hours; bogs and painting; shares polytunnel love; had a craving for Chocolate Cake; catches a swarm of bees; more paintings

NicKnits creates something from some Constant Knitter Yarns; starts a Howth Vest; talks about gardening and shares an Elephant pattern

One of these days shows progress on a piece

Pippablue talks about summer sewing

Playing with Fibre finds herself easily influenced; finishes some Baby Knits; self-medicates with knitting; describes the way to a Knitter's Heart; spinning artefacts at the National Museum II; welcomes rain;

Rubysasha finishes some pieces

The Runcible Spoon misses Bloom already and makes a Rainy Sunday Brunch

Scratch Card Junkie shares a site and hates travelling (text may not be safe for work)

Selkie's Crochet works with wool

The Siegel Six has many updates

Spring stitches talks about the Cork World Wide Knit in Public Day and announces the details

String Revolution makes a beaded box and talks about string

Stuff and nonsense is inspired

This is Knit has a special Knit Night; shows some summer stripes; gets some new tools; wishes the Pepperpot a Happy Birthday; gets nostalgic about customers and talks about World Wide Knit in Public Day

Things that Strike me wonders why a password is necessary on her phone; talks about kniting; makes Donal Skeehan's Fishcakes; makes shortbread; finds her iPad a good thingmakes a bruschetta starter and grows strawberries

Undermeoxter does a May Round-up; adds to her stash; has some trials and tribulations; gets working on Turbine

Valentina's Room reads Roddy Doyle's Star Called Henry

Where people create shows 4Polinka's workspace

Where there's a Wool talks about Naturally Irish; talks about new and better days; from small acorns; starts over

Wire Wrapped makes some earrings; some steampunk pendants; a gothic necklace; a steampunk necklace and lampwork beads

With Needles and Wool talks about what's in their knitting bag and learns how to crochet;

Woolly Bits puts stale coffee to good use and talks about the June Bank Holiday

Woollies, rags baubles and bags makes some cottage curtains

Woolly Way of Ireland talks about Crafting an exhibit in Cork; a wet felting workshop in Mayo; summer sewing workshops in Dublin; Tapestry Exhibit in Kilkenny; World Wide Knit in Public Day in Tipperary; Silk Fiber Papermaking in Dublin and Winnie's Craft Cafe information

Woolly Winged Gathering announces a drop spindle class and bids farewell to spring

Yarnboi has a quick update

Yarn Classes talks about Danish Felt Chicks; is inspired by the sea; gets a gift; makes a sea-inspired lap blanket and plays with colours finishes his scarf

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