Thursday, February 23, 2012

Crafty blog update 31st July - 14th August

I would like to welcome any new readers, and thank old ones for visiting, we’re not that old and we hope to continue to do this as time allows. If you know of any blogs that should be included please contact us by email or a post on this or the Irish Knitting, Crochet and crafty blogging post. The same goes if you want to be removed. If you are included in our updates please mention if you want to be removed from there too. Please note that neither I or SineadR do this as a full-time job, and allied to that our jobs actually restrict our webtime. We will do our best to get stuff done as soon as possible but that may take a few days or hours. In order to optimise my trawling I have set up a Netvibes Page for the blogs this is not foolproof and I may miss updates but it’s been better than some of the other options.  I have also decided that if a blog posts more than about 10 or so posts in a week I’m just going to link to the site, unless something in particular catches my eye that’s very craft related. You may notice that some posts from Sundays have been repeated, this is if there is time-sensitive information included in them, this does sometimes lead to repeated links from the previous fortnight. An Evening Wasted With goes to a BBQ; July books; has someone make a common comment about knitting; starts week 2 of the couch to 5k program; goes to a family gathering; illustrates part of her earlier post; still has sore feet; goes to the doctor about her feet; does a good deed and gets sandals Aran Brew talks about toucans, hooks and shawls As the World Falls Down tries some new foods; tries to be good; has a long day and has a busy day Becky Dazzler goes to the Horse Show; decides that she's going to wear summer clothes even if the weather won't cooperate; has a wishlist and shows off her cat Chocolatte Buttons shares some waterlillies; shares some flower photographs; has a crochet summer; talks about the kids summer; promises some Gran Canaria pictures; makes Cappuccino Muffins; shares some photographs of when it's not raining; shares some Cowl/Neckwarmer pictures; makes more muffins; shares some favourite jewelry and makes some wool flowers Colour and Ink goes boating; is entranced with a new release; paperplays Christmas in August; makes a Happy Card; has a photograph featured in the Irish Examiner; a new baby girl card; a thanks card and another thanks card Crafty Alley has an activity update and announces a one-day workshop on starting your own craft business Dragon Days has another photograph from Paddington and a bolt Etsy Ireland has a fab five on Friday; a new committee and another fab five on Friday Felting my way across Kerry has been busy Fly Along collaborates with Laura Elliason Froggy's Crafts has an ill laptop From Sheep to Shawl attends the Killarney Summerfest and another photo Haz wool will knit returns; brightens up her home and talks about the ICA bootcamp Julle's World has a baby shower Kersti has a tweet update; talks about one of her pet-hates, talking websites; her tweet week; finishes a knitted project and starts packing; her tweet week and more tweets Knit Inc shows off her new kitchen; shows a gift set she sent off; has a yarn store outing and talks about the HandmAid Craft Day Knitting Neels works on shorts and has to work on miss-matching patterns Limerick Live returns from holiday; is worried about an operation and ends her sons summer holidays Little Hare shares a Richard Scarry accident picture; gets the rosary beads; starts an Assumption Novena; her child interprets the gospel; if she was a playmobil character Milkmoon has play as her wordless Wednesday; has a good day; a moment of tea and goes for a walk Miss Aine enjoys a pattern; makes some nappy wraps; some knit night cupcakes; has a little holiday and makes a funky ski hat Morg Today goes to Deadman's Beach in Renmore; how he sees Galway; shares a new song from Lisa Hannigan; what he is listening to and has a painting day Nibs, Needles and Nappies had a bright spot in her week Needles & Haystacks has a Cornish Holiday Runcible Spoon makes a raspberry and Almond traybake The Siegel Six has multiple updates Things that strike me has a wish for an appealing Presidential candidate; goes to a tea shop in Paris and talks about piano tuning This is Knit announce some classes with Amy Singer; their Yarn Tasting; talks about mirrored decreases; and a froggy blanket Weekendbase gets back her knitting mojo Wooly Way of Ireland talks about craft camp at Winnie's Craft Cafe; layers exhibition in Kilkenny; return of the Irish Crochet Coral Reef; redress Autumn Schedule; Innocent Big Knit; Westport Heritage Day and the costumes of Inis Oirr Wyvernfriendknits offers some wardrobe advice Yarn Classes announces a new class schedule

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