Sunday, September 26, 2010

Craftblog Update 19th-25th September

As usual if you want me to exclude me from mentioning you in the roundup or you want yourself removed from the listings please comment here or email us using the contact details on the front page of this blog.

Knitting Neels gets a new bike and visits the Glasnevin market and then visits the Dublin Flea Market

Ankynom decorates a t-shirt with a coot

Limerick Live looks into getting Glasses; Has a life moment and works on getting ready for the Limerick Mini-Marathon (with thanks to Google for a translation)

Beckydazzler looks at Grey in this season and her wardrobe

Aranbrew looks at a new Irish Craft brewing website, Beoir; teaches Tawashi; Shows off her Hop Harvest Beret and debuts her first design, a headband

Bola de Berlin is thankful for Friends and Hands

Things that strike me talks about being introduced to Terry Pratchett

Carbon Footprint talks ab0ut knitting and spinning in Public

An Snag Breac Beo has some stone wall socks, a new pattern

Cattaphilla has some photographs of London and travels from Cork to Kerry

Chebe beads two bracelets; talks about LED bracelets and does a Embroidery Sampler bag

Chicwithstix abandons Twitter for a while to knit and wonders if she'll have enough time to knit for Christmas

Clasheen prepares to visit the US; more preparation and some felting; has a minor accident (I still think it's pretty!); Blogs from the Airport and has some flying adventures

Clones Lace Blog announces some Clones Lace Workshops

Sen Nocy Letniej awards a prize (google again provided a translation)

Dragondays has an interesting car photo with reflections

Ms Walsh talks about the mornings getting darker

Half a dream away has some new photographs up

Thread Bear Picnick has a vicarious ribbon win and some praise for this here blog

Fuzzyballfibrearts hopefully has health improvements and appears to be enjoying a new project

GaietyGirl returns to College and after a year buys some sock yarn

Gingerpixel has photographs of a newborn and another family photograph

2knitornot2knit features a few Etsy treasuries featuring her work; has some wetfelted project photographs; discovers she's on Etsy's front page

Daffodil's and Dandelions finishes and plans some projects; and has some sleep problems

Haz Wool will Knit talks seasonal knitting and a wedding tea cozy

Hollytron has her portfolio online here

This is Knit announces some Thursday Night changes and release the Glenties Cowl Pattern

Little Hare reminds about a novena to St Therese; Chicken Noodle Soup for her soul and some Tiny Triumphs

Akka Design weaves a new scarf

Dispatches from the Deise talks about socks and beach walks; more hidden gems in Donegal

Basil Explosion has some Greek Adventures

Margie's Crafts has a competition and a new site here with another competition

Miss Aine apologises for a lack of posting; likes it when things come together and shows off some knitted cake toppers

Michelle Made this talks about knitting in the movies; has a busy crafty weekend; finishes the chair started last week and visits Town & Country in Roscommon

The Nest talks about New Directions and Autumn Bounty

Neen Crochet talks Books, Runways and invitations; Crochet and Charity and talks about birthdays, sewing machines and crochet

Living the Simple Life she wants deals with some hard issues

Morg talks Tea; does some shopping; Celebrates Neen's Birthday and remembers cassettes

Nic Knits gets confused by headlines and thinks knitting

Pippablue are getting ready for the Knitting & Stitching Show

RubySasha talks about colder weather, knitting and BBC Dramas

Let's Knit & Stitch are impressed by a 94 year old knitter and are curious about the pattern

Stitchlily talks about Lamhdeanta

TeaandCakes talks about her wedding

Irish Muse is inspired to announce a competition; talks about Brown Bag Quilting; mentions some other giveaways and has good news about the healing in her leg

Hello has some Tumblr Updates

Undermeoxter is Misc-ing in action; Finishes her Annis and awards me a prize and offers advice about nupps

Wendy Ver Brugen talks about three rock mountain a hat and the beginning of a scarf

The Woolly Way mentions Seeing Red a textile Exhibition in Cork; mentions the Knit wine Purl Wine in Springwools and a textile exhibit in Westport Co Mayo

My life in Ireland talks about making her computer speak Swedish

I have a few knitty Links; fill a knitting survey; review Oddball Knitting; review Color Style; show off a newly finished waistcoat; show off my winnings from Undermeoxter; and review Knitting your own designs for a perfect fit (you can tell I'm on holidays can't you?)


  1. Congratulations on this new Irish Blog site on Irish knitting and Crochet. - a wonderful advertisement and badly needed. I just finished tutoring a weekend workshop on Clones Lace today, held in the Cassandra Hand Centre here in Clones, County Monaghan. Clones Lace is an Irish Crochet lace. I will be holding another course on the weekend of 27-28th November 2010. If anyone is interested in learning how to do wool or thread crochet, why not contact me at

  2. Thank you, we hope to continue with this to diffuse the idea some people seem to have that there are no knitters and crocheters in Ireland