Sunday, September 5, 2010

Some Irish Yarny Ravelry Groups - Non-Shops

Many of these groups have information about meetups and shops in the areas. Yes the categories are a little loose and I've probably got things wrong in some instances, feel free to comment and I will correct as I can. I haven't sorted these in any real order and the only Irish group I didn't include are groups that were for an event that has passed.  There is a second post coming shortly about shops/businesses

General Groups

One of the biggest ones is the Irish Knitters Group they have some exellent resources there, in the pages tab you will find Irish Knitting Charities; Irish Knitting Groups and Irish Knitting Shops which also has a link to the Google Knit Map of Ireland.It is also home to the infamous End of Aran Knitters Thread that tries to dispel some of the myths about Aran knitting, it also includes some discussion of current Irish Knitting.  Please be aware that many of the "local" posters are pretty tired of this thread and will pounce on people who make sweeping statements that include "I didn't have time to read all the posts on the thread but..."

Irish Spinners is for Irish Spinners of all levels

Crocheters in and around Ireland like it says, for Irish and Irish orientated Crocheters.

If you're looking to practice Irish and knit (chniotáil) or Crochet (chróise) in Irish, you might want to try the Gaeilgeoirí ar Ravelry group

Regional Groups

The Dublin Knit Collective Group is often an expansion of the Dublin Knit Collective Blog also posts on Twitter; this is a good one-stop shop for whats happening in Dublin and various posts about the Sock challenge and Dublin happenings.

Shebeens is a group for the South-West

Rainbow Stitch 'n'Bitch is based in Limerick

Cork Stitch & Bitch is based in Cork

Wicklow Knitters are based in Wicklow

Cafe Create are based in Galway

Norn Iron Knitters are based in Northern Ireland

Belfast Stitch & Bitch a group in Belfast, Northern Ireland

The No 1 Ladies Knitting Group are based in Wexford

Smaller meetup/activity groups

Fiber Fun Friday is the group for the fortnightly meetup in the Tea Garden in Dublin

Chronicles of Yarnia an extension of the Witty Knitters who meet in Celbridge Co. Kildare they have a blog

Lisburn stitch-n-bitch is a group that meets in Lisburn, Northern Ireland

Annual Groups

Innocent Smoothie Big Knit Group

St Patrick's Day Celebration note calling it St Patty's in this group will lead to online mutterings and high blood pressure among Irish folks, please avoid.

Irish Charity Groups

Utando are a group who make handmade dolls for the children of KwaZulu-Natal, whose lives have been affected by HIV/AIDS

Isands group a group who create burial wraps and gowns for early loss babies

Other Irish Groups or Irish founded groups that have an international slant

The Irish Book Group

Irish Hyperbolic Crochet Reef this started as a single event and seems to have taken on a life of it's own. Blogging here

Labradoodle Knitters founded by an Irish person it shows up when you search for Irish groups in Ravelry

Fans of Emmerdale another Irish founded group

Magic Mums group

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