Sunday, September 19, 2010

New posts 12th-18th September

Again, if you want to be removed from the listings please tell us and we'll remove you.

Andrea has a birthday (in German)

Beckydazzler asks for help with her thesis about fashion and blogging

Carbonfootprintproject had a dyeing workshop and I missed a visit from a round Ireland cyclist last week

Catapilla Dreaming talks about some lovely fabric

Clasheen is back home and shares some holiday photographs; talks about her favourite felted accessory and some other things and about flying out to the US for a workshop

Happy Heart=Happy Soul has some very cute tortoises

An Evening Wasted with reads her first Agatha Christie and visits friends with kittens

Dragondays shows a chess set made years ago

Woolly Bits has a nice shot of a red Dahlia and talks red and then works with blue dyeing

Zhya's Ratatouille has photos of her holidays

Thread Bear talks measurements without an inch tape or ruler and about paying it forward

Springstitches talks about removing a smoking smell from acrylic

Fuzzyballfibrearts talks about the end of summer; preparing for Spinning in Kilkenny; and spinning in Kilkenny

2knit or not 2knit is superproductive

Daffodils and Dandelions talks planning and has a cute angel knitting

Haz Wool will Knit talks Chilli and Dressmaking Scissors

Little Hare feels that autumn is here and looks out the window at rain...

Akka Design has a cute notebook cover

String Revolution talks about a cooperative gift blanket

Just a Minute returns to blogging and talks about her previous year

Dispatches from the Deise talks about travelling around Donegal and northern Ireland in three posts here, here and here as they head back via connemara

Stolen Stitches has a promotion which expires 19/9/10, i.e. as I write this

Miss Aine talks about going to Wexford for a break and about Cooking with more Veg

Michelle talks about returning to school; Drawing ginger; treats herself to some Kitchenware and works on repairing a bamboo chair warning, this site plays audio.

The Nest has felted soap fun

Morgtoday talks random playlists; listening to explosions of sky; Watching ST:TNG; Cat Company and visiting the beach

NicKnits talks Jane Austen

Our own Knit Inc mentions this blog and her issues with the Pi Shawl and Charity Knitting

Springwools is going to have a Knit Wine Purl Wine Night

Irish Muses talks about a Fall into Fall Quilters Giveaway; shares several projects; talks about the holy thorn at Glastonbury; the International Quilt Festival; incurs some damage; shares more pages and some crochet

Under me Oxter talks about her path to finishing Glenvar for her other half

Ciorcal Comhra return to meetups after the holidays; had a wonderful afternoon in Blessington Bookshop

The Woolly Way talks about Textile Retreats to the Burren; Lamhdeanta - handmade Craft Workshops in Tralee, Co Kerry; Embroidery with Combined Materials in Dingle, Co Kerry; Crochet Classes in Sligo; A Big Knit Update; An Autumn/Winter Tea Party at Stitch in Dublin; and Seeing Red a textile exhibit in Cork

Wrapnturn talks about what's she's knit so far and what she's knitting on the Knitting Elizabeth Blog

NeenCrochet has the Adventures of Little Melanie Day 1; Day 2; Day 3; Day 4; Day 5; Day 6; Day 7

Mitt liv på Irland, My life in Ireland has computer issues and gets a new spinning wheel

Etsy Ireland talks about some fairs and markets and some classes; an interesting article on caring for your jewelry; Highlights some Team Treasuries; Recommends Mary Brown photography; Introduces Amorio who sells jewelry; has a bright fab five on Friday and mentions a Etsy Ireland Team discount in a shop

and I talk about Finishing the Ribwarmer; Working out increases and making a Baby Cardigan (which also features on Knitting Elizabeth)


  1. Loving these lists.
    I'm discovering so many new blogs!
    Go you!

  2. You're welcome, it's been fun to do. And if you know any others I've missed please tell me.