Sunday, October 3, 2010

Crafting posts 26th September to 2nd October

You may notice that the order of posts is a little different, I sorted  the listing of Irish Threadcraft Bloggers (and if you know more feel free to comment or email us).

2Knitornot2knit has some Tuesday Treasuries, some nice autumnal/wintry stuff there and mentions a monthly Craft Fair in the Milk Market in Limerick

Akkadesign has some labyrinths from an exhibition and some advice about labyrinths and photographs of some very tall people sculptures in Barcelona

Amazedknitting apologises for being missing in September and shares some photography and poetry

An Evening Wasted with has Kittens, more Kittens with some reading and kittens and knitting

Aranbrew visits Deevey's Yarn shop in Kilkenny

Basilexplosion shares more about her trip to Greece; visits the Dublin Flea Market and goes to the Divine Comedy in the Olympia

BeckyDazzler talks about the changing weather

Bola de Berlin's son has his first haircut

Carbonfootprintproject announced a spining session (and has a pretty spindle pictured); talks science (with an image of the molecular structure of wool); was interviewed by Nick Hand and had a stitching session that included someone on skype

Chebe has more fun with embroidery and makes an LED soft-circuit

Chicwithknits posts her version of the Prada Headband and wonders about social knitworking eating into her knitting time (and has some valid and interesting points to make)

Clasheen seems to be having great fun on her teaching trip and shows some great bags in progress and some scarves in San Francisco

The Clones Lace blog has a heading about Travelling the world with Clones Lace

Dispatches from the Deise talks typo crime scenes and a visit to Dublin

Dragon Days has a photograph of a solar and windpowered street light in Killybegs County Donegal

Etsy Ireland has a newsdesk; tells you how to plait onions; does some autumnal team treasuries; talks about some anniversary present ideas; has a purple fab five and talks about a claiming the future event upcoming in the RDS

From Sheep to Shawl is in Killarney for Culture Night and teaches a felting class there

Half a dream away has a grumpy sealion; some beautifully red leaves and a cute red panda

Happy Heart = Happy Soul features an interesting poster about life

Herborium paints some chestnuts

Irish Muses has a Miniatures in Minutes giveaway; shares her October Star with us and has a Fall into Fall Giveaway

John the Bad talks about Cowen Leaving

Kersti wonders about blogging

Knit Inc. is knitting a storm for charity, this week starts with a hot water bottle and makes some beautiful dishcloths

On Knitting Elizabeth Teaandcakes talkes about enjoying reading Elizabeth and some Baby Elizabeth knits

Knitting Neels visits the Dublin Flea Market and shows some progress on Peasy

Lets Knit and Stitch had a Tea Party, donated yarn is heading for Uganda

Limerick "live" had a good relaxed weekend and models her new glasses (as far as I understand with help from Google Translate)

Little Hare has some little Piggies and talks about things 34 million can't buy

LivingthesimplelifeIwant talks about food waste and her grocery spend

Margie Crafts talks about doll making

Michellemadethis was on TV on Thursday

Miss Aine has a teaser and then the Bear appears

Mitt liv på Irland, My life in Ireland gets back online

Morg Today talks cassettes and Mix tapes and Bazinga

Ms Walsh has a powercut and tries to survive without some of the modern distractions

NeenCrochet has a surprise party; makes a handmade flower brooch and makes some crochet hats

Niamh is Knitting is planning a dress and is photographed in a handmade top

NicKnits' screen capture from the previous week is carefully edited

Rubysasha finishes a Hap Blanket and plans a hap cardigan

SheknitupthatBall was very productive and makes a handspun Urchin, a Calorimetry; an Irish Sign; Dishcloths and finishes up a baby blanket

Starvingartistink talks about a month of baby and posts a video of her talking

Stitchlily talks about the Crochet Coral Reef

Stolen Stitches offers a glimpse of her new booklet. and mentions a class in Craft Alley next Saturday

String Revolution works on some secret crowns and capes and talks about something she worked on many years ago

The Nest works on simplifying her life

Things that strike me is looking for somewhere to rent; talks about things to do; talks about the Green Party in Government; and rips back part of her cardigan

This is Knit talks about Naturespun Paper Dolls and a Socks Class that was on yesterday

Thread Bear's Picnic goes blackberrying

Winona Queen felts a hat and pictures of before and after

The Woolly Way talks about Margie's Crafts and the Pink Auction Cork

Wyvernfriendknits (yes me) posts photographs of socks I finished last week

Yarn Classes blogged about Tapestry Vessels and  congregating in Tinahely and about being at home with tapestry but I don't remember noting them last week

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