Sunday, October 24, 2010

Crafty Blogging 17th-23rd October

I started this yesterday but the machine crashed, taking everything with it, including what I had done to that point. *grrrr*

2Knitornot2Knit is getting herself prepared for the season

AkkaDesign has further pictures of her trip in France, inspiring stuff, great eye

Amazed Knitter's Designs sends her yarn off for processing, has a link to how that works and some work in progress

An Apology for an idler plays catchup with a top, Juggling Pigs posts a finished Mobius and a snuggly jumper

An Evening Wasted with has larping and lace mistaken for fair isle and a book review

An Snag Breac Beo finds to her shock that the Revenue Comissioners have a sense of humour

Aranbrew helps brew Viking Beer

Basilexplosion makes scones; has an interesting typography geek poster and posts a copy of Darwin's pros and cons about marriage

Beckydazzler talks about the look for this winter

Bola de Berlin does some baby knitting

Carbonfootprint Project talks about a knit-in

Cattaphilla Designs has some lavender and felt bags and some nice pictures

Chebe has some interesting links and a program for the LillyPad for a temperature sensor

ChicwithStix admits to startitis and shows off some pretty knitting

Clasheen gushes about Rhinebeck and thanks for her experience in the US and shows some pictures of some felted bags.

Dispatches from the Deise gets a blog award and makes some legwarmers and rips a jumper

Dragonstardays photographs some motorcycle helmets

DroimanUan has a finished scarf and dyes more fleece

Duilleoga finishes a wine cowl

Etsy Ireland have their Crafty News Desk; mentions art classes in the University of Limerick; have a handmade spark competition; mentions a Knitting & Stitching Show opportunity; mentions the comfort challenge winner; does a natural treatments post; has a fab Pumpkin Friday and has tea and chat with Ruth from Nice Day Designs

Halfadreamaway has a photo from a shoot in Charleville Castle

Happy Heart=Happy Soul has a creative Thursday

Humble Pie decides to consult medics and go caving

Irish Muses is still playing with her new cutter ; gets a nice parcel in the post and has a giveaway

Kersti is entertained to eat a Lord's Apples

Knit Inc declares that she's a Scrubber

Knitting Elizabeth has ChicwithStix admitting to a slow-going project

Knitting Neels shows how autumn is for knitting and talks about cycling and music

Lets Knit and Stitch have a new crocheted pattern

Limerick Live talks about returning and about her trip to Germany (in German, gist arrived at via Google Translate)

Little Hare captures a rare togetherness moment

Margie's Crafts announces the winner of her competition

Miss Aine dresses a princess; was at a crafty market ; makes some elves and has a photo of some dance moves

My life in Ireland is planning an Ikea raid

Morg enjoys his anniversary loot; receives a mystery parcel; finds Reeses Pieces; buys some older Disney films; reviews his Baboro experience; and more about the Baboro experience; Links to Alma by Rodrigo Blaas; makes an origami Stegosaurus and shows off a Mosasaur plushie he made

Neen does some crochet, models and celebrates her wedding anniversary; makes some christmassy egg cosies and teases; then she shows off her new skirt

NicKnits shows some cute crocheted booties

Rubysasha works away at her Princess shawl

Selkie receives another order

Sheknitupthatball remembers a crafty day last November and launches her new Leaving on the edge cowl

Springstitches has a winter project wishlist and talks about the knitting and stitching show

StarvingartistInk has an (autoplaying) video of her pregnancy etc and shows some sales stuff

Stolen Stitches talks about how to get her patterns wholesale

The Nest has some pictures of October and makes a crochet tea cosy, biscuits and other crafts

Things that Strike me talks property; and darkening evenings

This is Knit has a competition for Knitting & Stitching Show tickets and announces winners

Thread Bear's Picnic has a tidy; wings it; browses some (Irish) patterns; puts some ears on a headband and talks comfort and comfort food

Where People Create has the studio of Missy Bonkers

Winona Queen makes something that looks like bacon and makes a different hat

Woolly Bits does some dyeing and cooking

Woolly Way links to a design week; the threads of feeling or foundling museum and an update on the knitting and stitching show

Yarn Classes has a new cowl

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